Preparing Your Home To Sell

Dated: 11/28/2018

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Often I find myself discussing with a potential home seller about repairs or renovations that should be done to a home prior to it being listed. While one could write a whole book on this subject, I wanted to provide a brief post to give you my mindset when evaluating what should be done when preparing a home. 

The biggest goal in my mind when evaluating potential repairs to a home is to keep the concept "1 dollar in = 1 dollar out." What this means, simply, is that when seeking to add that final sheen to a home or property to sell, its important to be conservative with your money so that you are not overspending or even worse, completely wasting money. The goal is to spend a dollar and get that dollar out, OR  even better, get more than a dollar out from the sale. With every property presenting a different challenge, here are some tried and true actions you can take that I feel will only add value when presenting your home to the market.

1. Deep cleaning - While some may think that a $200 cleaning is expensive, especially when we are used to cleaners charging $50, this is a very good way to present the home in the best light for media and people seeing the home. The same way we all got dressed for our prom pictures, we should approach our home as it will make it seem of better value. 

2. Holes in walls - This is a big one that plays on the broken window theory and something I am very big on. Holes in walls are big red flags as they indicate lack of care to the property. It begs the question: what else has the owner neglected?

3. Lighting hardware - These are the little $3-4 electrical covers for light switches that are one of the first things that people notice about a room. They offer a big upside in value presentation due to their relative cost.

4. Clutter - This is one of those items that can potentially be free and offer big upside. Less clutter opens up the spacing in a home and lets it breathe. You have a beautiful home so let it show! 

I hope this list is helpful and gives you a little more confidence in approaching your home when deciding to sell. Homes do not need to be perfect, but adding some polish can help accelerate the sales process AND potentially increase your sales price. 

For a free consultation give me a call at 956-331-9329. I can provided a home valuation as well as meet you at your home to give you a customized suggestion list so we can get your home listed and sold!

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